Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Newbies

by My Web Writers

Even Shakespeare Would Start As A SEO Newbie

So you’re a talented writer, but new to web writing? All this talk of SEO would make Shakespeare feel like a newbie. Let’s start with basic SEO or search engine optimization.

Freelance print poets sometimes protract words when writing for websites.  Improve website content by fine-tuning keywords, layout, and hyperlinking.

Choose Relevant & Highly Viewed Keywords:
Identify the brand’s best selling points and then choose keywords with help from a search-based keyword tool.  For example, Russ Moore Transmission‘s objectives are different for each web page.  The most important key words appear within the first two lines and subtly, as well as creatively, recycle throughout the text. Hmm- “recycle.” Experts would caution you not to “keyword stuff” your content, either.  Search engines recognize relevant keywords and their associates.  Use precise key words that sell the brand and your SEO rankings will improve.

Organize SEO Content
Equally important is SEO content layout.  Customers’ eyes scan websites using “E” and F shaped patterns, so place the most important information at the top left of the screen.

  • Use bullets.
  • If content is interesting as well as eye appealing, people read further and buy products.
  • So, keep it simple and use bold face titles.

Less is often best when organizing SEO content.

Linking for SEO
Finally, connect each page to others within the website. Link your SEO content.  F & M Tile and Terrazzo‘s home page contains interlinking terms within the company’s website.  A reader clicks “terrazzo” and travels to the terrazzo page where he’ll find a call to action– “contact us”.  Both links are within the content as well as within the page’s menu. Linking is valuable for both search engine recognition and customer shopping ease.

Embrace Your SEO Destiny, Shakespeare

Web writing for search engine optimization is as easy as writing formal poetry.  Learn the rules of iambic pentameter and a writer can write a sonnet.  Use key search terms, proper layout, and linking and a writer offers marketable content.  “To be or not to be” a SEO Shakespeare is the question that meets destiny when you start with the SEO basics.



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