Action Verbs that Sell

by My Web Writers

Strong verbs sell. Period. Instead of using tired, boring verbs, punch up your text with attention-getting action verbs. Think about the results you want to achieve. Trying to sell something online? Then use terms like this:

-skyrocket, simplify, amaze, accelerate, earn, economize, increase, improve, capitalize, diversify, market, fulfill, strategize, predict, save, prove, create results

Working on a resume or a project for client? How about using terms like this:

-buzz, surprise, succeed, focus, innovate, “pump up,” fulfill, interest, captivate, accomplish, energize, advance, convert, compel, motivate, change, embark, satisfy, crunch, communicate, excel, streamline, engineer, enhance, transform, globalize, discover, guarantee, love

For more ideas, consider checking out job search and resume-prep books, some of which contain detailed lists of action verbs that will help you further revolutionize your writing. Need help sooner? Contact My Web Writers. Enjoy!


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