Brand Content Analysis – Words Which Sell

CNET’s use of words       

by My Web Writers

Establishing a brand’s presence on the internet requires effective, interesting and precise words. When that brand relies solely upon the internet to build a following, the content becomes crucial. The CNET brand has successfully done this. CNET has emerged as a technology hub for reviews, downloads, news, ratings, videos and online discussions. The fact that it appears not only on page one of any technology related query but can appear multiple times on the first page of these types of queries merits an analysis of what CNET is doing right. It is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive tools for those making informational queries before making any transaction while simultaneously facilitating the purchase of technology products or software once the consumer wishes to buy.

wording on links

CNET’s authoritative status draws from a thorough, fresh, and user-friendly website full of targeted words. The wording on the links as well as the variety of links on the home page immediately communicate its cutting edge status. Consider the following:
• links to “top categories” for reviews and information on popular products,
• “how to” videos for the latest gadgets,
• “top headlines” about technology companies, about technology related to cars, about hardware, software, and retail items, as well as informational articles about understanding technology in general,
• “what’s coming” boxes to entice the user to come back, and
• partnerships with or links to retailers who sell the type of software and products that CNET follows.

power meta keywords

In addition to effectively worded links, CNET employs meta keywords that target both informational and transactional queries. The site’s meta keywords are “product reviews,” “prices,” “downloads,” “tech” and “news.” Other power words, such as “cutting edge,” “top,” “best,” “trending,” “latest,” and “specials,” are peppered throughout to further sell its position of being at the forefront of technology. These words assure the tech junkie that CNET is on top of all that is new and at the top of any search engine’s query results.

CNET has created a website whose content is fresh, current and relevant to its audience. Its wording is succinct, exciting, and interesting. CNET serves as a fantastic example of a brand that has made it a point to choose words that sell. This level of success doesn’t happen accidentally. It happens after much focused and diligent research into the audience’s identity and the goal of the business. My Web Writers can help take the task of creating precise website content off of your hands so that you can focus on other aspects of building your brand on the internet. My Web Writers works to make your words sell. ~Marni


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